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Pet Rehab

Improve your pet's mobility and recovery faster.

Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital offers physical rehabilitation services for dogs and cats. Veterinary rehabilitation is used to treat a wide variety of injuries, orthopedic conditions, and neurological issues. 

Pet rehabilitation involves employing physical therapy and regenerative medical methods to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of dogs and cats. Its goal is to restore, maintain, and enhance optimal function and mobility in patients. This specialized form of therapy aims to facilitate postoperative recovery, alleviate pain, enhance muscle strength and endurance, improve circulation, coordination, and range of motion, and ultimately provide comfort and confidence, especially in geriatric patients.

Learn more about our Pet Rehabilitation services:

Dog Physical Therapy

Pet Physical Therapy

Reduce pain, improve mobility and overcome injuries.

Pet Laser Therapy

A non-invasive holistic treatment.

To schedule a rehab appointment for your cat or dog, please call us at (918) 224-1900 or request an appointment online.

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