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In-House Diagnostics

Treating sick and injured pets with diagnostics.

At Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital, our goal is to keep your pet happy and healthy. To ensure we deliver the highest quality care, we've made significant investments in diagnostic equipment at our hospital. We're equipped to conduct a wide range of tests right here on-site, including complete blood counts, chemistry panels, electrolyte panels, urinalysis, pancreatitis tests, heartworm and tick tests, intestinal parasite exams, and skin and ear diagnostic tests.

This means you'll receive results promptly, enabling us to address your pet's needs without delay. For more specialized testing such as thyroid testing, histopathology, cytology, and cultures, we utilize trusted outside laboratories to ensure the best possible results.

Learn more about our other diagnostic services here:

Cat & Dog Diagnosis

Pet Digital Radiology

Digital x-rays assist in diagnosing illness & injury.

Pet Ultrasound

A non-invasive way to diagnose sick & injured pets.

Pet Allergy & Dermatology

Diagnose and treat skin conditions.

Please call us today at (918) 224-1900 to learn more about our Diagnostic Services.

Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital